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U.S.DOE Innovative Approaches to Literacy

Jun 13 2016

A&O has a decade-long relationship with the Addison Central School District evaluating US Department of Education grants. Our quantitative and qualitative analysis and documentation of the results they achieve has supported Addison’s success in securing subsequent funding. This is the third and final year of our evaluation of their Innovative Approaches to Literacy grant where we assessed these activities:

–  a partnership between the school district and early childhood service providers to give early literacy development supports to children age birth through five in non-school settings

– increased access to print including take home books, classroom technology, library collections, and classroom libraries

– refined instructional practices including library resources in the classrooms, reading intervention services, a Summer Literacy Academy, and data driven instruction

– professional development including the use of technology in the classroom, developing a common language for high quality teaching, the use of assessment tools, instructional strategies to support students’ reading comprehension, and

– instructional strategies to support pre-literacy and the creation of literacy-rich home environments.