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U.S. Department of Education First in the World grant awarded to a consortium led by SUNY Oswego . . .

Jan 23 2015

The Transfer Gateways and Completion Project, headed by the State University of New York at Oswego, seeks to ameliorate the challenges underserved, underprepared and low-income students face.  The goal of the Project is increased college degree completion rates at both the two- and four-year institutions. In collaboration with Onondaga, Mohawk Valley and Cayuga County Community Colleges as well as On Point for College the project will work to support a seamless transfer from a two-year college to a four-year institution for students with few financial and supportive resources. This unique consortium will draw upon best practices as well as pilot new strategies for college access and persistence.  Intensive mentoring, access to SUNY Oswego freshman/sophomore courses, campus angels and on-going communication between the collaborating institutions are but a few of the strategies that will be piloted.


As the program evaluator, A & O looking forward to studying and documenting not only the outcome and impact on the targeted population, but also the lessons learned from the process of the partners’ collaboration and the interventions they will implement.