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The Salvation Army of the Syracuse Area to develop an internal evaluation process for the Family Place Visitation Program

Feb 15 2013

The Salvation Army has received a funding award from the Central New York Community Foundation to develop an internal evaluation plan for the Family Place Visitation ProgramFamily Place was established 6 years ago to reduce the length of stay for children in foster care by providing the necessary supports parents need, including supervised visitation and parenting skill development. The needs of the families and the services provided are quite variable and complex which presented a challenge to determining feasible performance measures.  Apter & O’Connor has been asked to facilitate a series of conversations with a stakeholder group to develop the organizational capacity for Family Place to systematically track, measure and report program implementation and its impact on children and families.  A&O will lead the group in developing a logic model of Family Place that communicates the relationships between needs, activities outputs and outcomes including benchmarks indicating progress.  From there A&O will lead the group in creating an ongoing internal evaluation plan designed to provide reliable information to determine fidelity, impact and areas in need of improvement.