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Strategic Planning leads to Performance Management

Feb 7 2017

Unity House of Cayuga County has engaged A&O to provide technical guidance to move forward with Priority Area 2 of their Strategic Plan 2016-2018: “Unity House will have a robust performance management infrastructure to support high quality programming and sound financial health (data-driven decision making).” This effort builds upon previous work by Cynthia O’Connor and Corinne Ribble who facilitated the strategic planning process in 2016 with the members of the management team and Board of Directors. The planning process emphasized integrated board – staff expertise and ownership of the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan through an ad hoc Planning Team, workgroups, surveys to Board and Management staff and a retreat for the Board of Directors and Agency Directors and Management staff.  With A&O training and technical assitance, Unity House is now working to develop a systematic approach to identify outcome measure, collect data, analyze results and then adjust interventions and programs accordingly.

Again I want to thank you for everything.  I was so impressed by your ability to take information from our industry, digest it and feed it back in an organized way. You were attentive and did not miss anything from what we said, to how we engaged.  I feel that you helped to push the agency and staff to a new level in terms of strategic planning and program evaluation. I completely enjoyed my experience with you.  Thank you!

– Feedback from a Unity House Director