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More great feedback for A&O evaluation work . . .

Jun 17 2017

Ann Sutherland recently completed a process evaluation work for The Health Foundation of Western and Central New York.   A &O was commissioned by the Foundation to document the emerging design, implementation and early successes of The Springville Concord Elder Network (SCENe). Th evaluation was designed to highlight lessons learned for sustainability as well as replication in other rural communities with limited senior services and activities.  SCENe began as a grassroots initiative with a mission to help people “age with dignity and independence in their own community”.  Ann worked with the Network stakeholders for two years.  The evaluation found that SCENe developed a highly regarded program that has brought significant benefits to the area’s senior population, exceeding original expectations. Its members are passionate about the new Springville-Concord Senior Center, SCENe staff, and the difference the program has made in their lives.  Upon reading Ann’s completed evaluation report the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer commented, “Thank you for sharing this very thorough evaluation report.  This was a great history lesson for me.  I will use this over and over to help me understand where SCENe was, where it is now and where it may be in the future.”