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Hot Off the Presses! The Social Profit Handbook By David Grant

Apr 28 2015

Just last month David Grant’s book, The Social Profit Handbook: The Essential Guide to Setting Goals, Assessing Outcomes, and Achieving Success for Mission-driven Organizations was released on Amazon.com. In her Forward, author Susan Kenny Stevens, PhD, (Nonprofit Lifecycles) observes, “the point of our work is social profit . . . [David] argues that for too long our sector has been defined by what we are not (“not-for-profit”) rather than what we are.” The title says it all for this practical introduction and guide to developing and using rubrics (a variation of Logic Models) to articulate and measure program outcomes. In David’s final chapter, “Changing Our Minds – and Cultures,” he guides managers who may meet resistance from their Boards or staff in bringing assessment and accountability to program review. This user-friendly book is a must-read for mission-driven organizations who want, “a better way to understand and communicate the point of our work.”

NB: Cynthia O’Connor, and associates Vicki Quigley and Nancy Smith have been trained by Dr. Kenny Stevens in her Nonprofit Lifecycles approach to capacity building through the Gifford Foundation, Syracuse, New York.