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Gathering the right data and knowing how to use it . . . is what matters

Oct 17 2018

Data Driven Decision Making – Evaluation – Continuous Quality Improvement – Accountability –  Performance Measurement – Getting to Outcomes – Value Propositions

Whatever you call it, everybody’s talking about it . . . and Apter & O’Connor can help!

A&O is working with a wide array of non-profits and coalitions to build their internal evaluation capacity so they can measure impact, improve program planning and become more competitive for funding. We help organizations:

Articulate a Theory of Change

Define intended outcomes

Develop measurable indicators and data collection methods

Explore the data they already collect and create tools for additional information

Design user-friendly reports to document efforts and demonstrate impact

And the reviews have been positive! As one executive director recently noted:

Cynthia was critical in moving us forward with measuring outcomes of our programs. We now are able to collect data to show the impact of our programs and use data to make informed decisions about those programs. Cynthia was able to teach us how to break down this process so that it wasn’t so overwhelming.

And another offered:

We are in a different place thanks to our work with Apter & O’Connor.  They facilitated some very difficult conversations and moved the agency forward sometimes with a gentle nudge and other times with a strong shove.    I have enjoyed working with you and so appreciate your guidance and advice professionally and personally.