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A&O leads Evaluation for Greater Syracuse H.O.P.E. (HOPE)

Oct 2 2019

The Greater Syracuse H.O.P.E. (HOPE) Initiative received $2.75 million of NYS ESPRI funding to reduce concentrated poverty in 19 Syracuse census tracts. Cynthia O’Connor and Vicki Quigley guided HOPE’s 13 partners to create programmatic Logic Models and to articulate their Theory of Change. There are five innovative strategies designed to keep students in school, improve financial literacy and increase employment. A&O worked with the HOPE Leadership team to identify measurable indicators and refine a data collection system building on the community database housed at the Central New York Community Foundation. Additionally, A&O crafted a comprehensive evaluation plan and prepared an assessment of HOPE as a Collective Impact model to demonstrate its impact for government agencies, philanthropy and future stakeholders.