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A&O adds another after-school program to its long list of eduation evaluation projects

Nov 1 2016

The Watervliet City School District has commissioned A&O to evaluate their NYS Education Department funded  Extended School Day / School Violence Prevention Program:   Watervliet Extended Time Raises Achievement (ExTRA).    Building on our work with The Syracuse City School District’s Extended Day program  the Watervliet District outside of Albany New York,  has similar expected outcomes: improved academic achievement in ELA and math; improved attendance; decreased discipline referrals and suspensions; knowledge and skills to resolve conflicts via peer mediation; increased family participation and involvement with school district activities.

This new program will extend the school day by providing after-school academic support and enrichment opportunities during the school year and summer months that builds upon and reinforces classroom instruction and contributes to school violence prevention by providing additional social/emotional support embedded in the regular and the extended school day through initiatives consistent with the prevention and intervention strategies outlined in the district’s safety plan. One of the criteria for receiving this competitive award was the recognition of A&O as a highly qualified evaluator.   Cynthia O’Connor will serve as principal evaluator and will be assisted by Dr. Marvin Blachman.