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“When our agency needed a non-partial, motivating, talented facilitator we called Apter & O’Connor. Cynthia did a great job moving the group from concept to outcome.   She came in to our project knowing little about the program and was able to facilitate the group, manage conflicts, empower each member and give us a product that we were proud of and knew that we could now say we can measure the performance of our collaborative project and determine if it is truly having an impact on the people we serve. “

Liddy Hintz, Director of Emergency and Child Welfare Services, The Salvation Army, Syracuse Area Services


“Cynthia and Dianne have been an asset to our  school district as we fully implement our Federal IAL  Read to Learn project.  Their professionalism and knowledge of grant implementation has given us the upper-hand when it comes to gathering data and compiling information to promote best practice and keep our project moving in the right direction.  I can’t thank them enough for the multiple conversations, suggestions, and pieces of advice to encourage participation and discover alternative ways to reach our goals.”

– Teresa Duell,  Coordinator of Innovative Approaches to Lieteracy Grant, Reading Intervention Specialist, Addison Central School District


“Apter and O’Connor Associates have been the primary consultants and an integral part of every aspect on a New York State wide training/ technical assistance and evaluation project. This project focused on improving planning in Child Welfare Agencies to better meet their outcomes of Safety, Permanency and Well-being for all children and families involved in our child welfare system. Their ability to engage a diverse audience and share their bailiwick of program evaluation in an applicable way was invaluable. Their aptitude to customize planning and evaluation concepts to meet the needs of our consumers was impeccable. I cannot say enough about their diligence, persistence, passion, and professionalism. Dianne and Cynthia are engineers building practical bridges between program activity and intended outcomes. “

-John Thompson, Training Coordinator, Professional Development Program SUNY Research Foundation, Rockefeller College University at Albany


““It was a great pleasure to work with Apter and O’Connor Associates! Dianne and Cynthia took the time to thoroughly understand our organizational needs and project expectations. They worked quickly and efficiently, gave us multiple opportunities to provide feedback on draft reports, and were always responsive to our questions and concerns. We are delighted with the product of our efforts together!”

-Ellen Barnes, Executive Director and Ann Sutherland, Program Manager, The Jowonio School Syracuse, NY


“Apter and O’Connor Associates provided the evaluation of the Westside Community School Strategy in a timely, thorough, and professional manner. They understood the mission and objectives established by the strategy and gave us the kind of report that both our funders and we found meaningful and useful.”

-Vito Sciscioli, Executive Director, Syracuse 20/20 Inc


“Apter and O’Connor Associates are highly skilled and committed to ensuring a balanced, fair and well written program evaluation.  They always research the topic thoroughly including interviewing staff and visiting the site to observe the project.  They are able to gather the necessary data, both qualitative and quantitative, to evaluate the outcomes of the project. They meet with staff to develop the evaluation plan before the project, and monitor the implementation of the plan and data collection during the project to ensure the data is correct.   They are always willing to meet with staff to offer recommendations for program improvements.  Their approach is hands-on, face-to-face and research-based.  They are committed to excellence, have never missed a deadline and also have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.  With confidence and experience, I would highly recommend Apter & O’Connor for any project evaluation.”

-Christine Vogelsang, Deputy Superintendent, Syracuse City School District


“We had a great experience working with Apter & O’Connor. They guided our community team successfully to our goals. Most of all, we appreciated their expertise and follow through!”

-Kimberly Scott, Vice President Programs, Central New York Community Foundation


“Apter and O’Connor Associates are excellent evaluators who served the Even Start Family Literacy Program. They knew how to make data come to life and be useful to staff in their daily work. As the facilitators of the Literacy Impact Task Force, Dianne and Cynthia helped us frame our task, refereed arguments!, got us to the goal. We now use the Indicators developed with them as the community measures of success. Dianne and Cynthia are practical, sensible data geeks.”

-Kathy Byrnes, Program Director for the Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County


“As evaluators, Dianne Apter and Cynthia O’Connor provide extensive, ongoing information, feedback and recommendations that pave the way for clear, focused direction of the Early Reading First grant I presently oversee as the coordinator. They ‘tell it like it is’ and offer valuable analysis, recommendations and resources that make a significant difference in the process. Their professional expertise and guidance is a driving force for success of any grant or project. I highly trust and value Apter & O’Connor Associates, Inc. for their exemplary services and would strongly recommend them as evaluators.”

-Susan Hendery, Coordinator, Early Reading First, Binghamton City School District, Binghamton, NY


“Dianne and Cynthia were able to provide the specific assistance we needed to evaluate our project.  They led us through the process of developing a logic model, helped determine what information we needed, designed protocols to collect the data, analyzed the data, worked closely with us to interpret the findings, and prepared a written summary of the evaluation results. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Dianne and Cynthia and found their services invaluable.”

-Donald A. Kates, Senior Project Coordinator Children’s Health Innovation Project (CHIP)  St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center


“I had the pleasure to work with Apter and O’Connor as my evaluation team for the Westside Community School Strategy. As we built an initiative from its infancy stage it was critical that strong systems were established and we were responsive to data. Apter and O’Connor were instrumental in offering sound feedback while establishing a very positive and supportive working relationship. It was exciting working with an evaluation team that are just as passionate as myself and m y staff.”

-Monique Fletcher, Community Executive Director Say Yes to Education